Fundamentals of Bread

Fundamentals of Bread class / $145


Fundamentals of Bread is an essential start for students who desire to successfully learn the art of bread baking. In this class students will make both Focaccia as well as Brioche, each student will take home both finished bread and dough to make at home. Even if you have baked a loaf or two in the past or in recent months, this class endeavors to answer the questions of how to know you are going to pull a beautiful loaf from the oven every time. 
Our class time covers the following:
Origins of yeast and the difference between wild and commercial.
How we got to the terrible place we are with bread and how to bake great bread at home.
Benefits of using pre-ferments.
Importance of using recipes/formulas written by weight instead of volume.
Slow, cold fermentation.
Proper dough handling skills and how trained bakers handle dough.
This class is an important first step before taking other classes, ie; baguettes, country loaves, etc... As those classes focus more on how to form those more difficult loaves.



baguette class / $175


Art is simply the outer expression of one's thoughts and feelings, and like all art, it can be taught. At Knead & Know we just replace the brush with the same two hands you've been using your whole life (and until now have frankly been going to waste). 

Knead & Know's Baguette Class will give you (and your hands) an interactive and engaging experience you'll not soon forget. The class will focus on preparing pre-ferment (tech talk for adding old dough to new dough) preparing dough with hand kneading as well as mixer. Learn shaping, slashing, and loading all in a home oven. You'll take home baked loaves, dough ready to be risen and baked. In addition to that, we will also supply you with everything you need to do all of this at home.


bagel class / $165


Next time you're at your local farmer's market waiting in line for an hour hoping you get the chance to buy a good bagel, stop and think "I can make these myself!" Knead and Know Bagel Class will teach you all the elements to make that perfect bagel; properly made dough, poaching, topping, and baking. Students go home with baked bagels, dough to finish at home, malt powder, and barley syrup to repeat the process in your own kitchen

"A good bagel is the same as good bread: It is made with gorgeous, tasty flour, has only the necessary ingredients, and is made slowly to allow the flavor to develop and the bagel to become more digestible. It is soft and chewy at the same time (you have to CHEW it) has a particular "bagelly" crust (from having been boiled before baked), and has a mellow yet complicated flavor. It is not fat - and won't make you fat." -Virtuous Bread 

holiday breads
Babka, KanellÄngd & Bienenstich

Holiday Breads - $175


Just because you are not fortunate enough to have a Ukrainian grandmother doesn't mean you can't enjoy the loveliness of a Babka. Think dark chocolate-cinnamon filling swirled throughout a decadently rich yeasted dough! Perfect for Holiday get-togethers with family and friends or as the perfect gift, Babka is definitely a bread every family should have fond memories of. 

Classes will consist of how to weigh each ingredient, bring them together in the bowl, kneading, and forming the loaves. The use of pre-ferment will also be discussed. Each student will go home with baked babka as well as dough to finish at home. 

A wonderful class just in time for the Holidays and cold, wintry days.


CROISSANT class / $175


If, like us, you've ever woken up with a desire to break open a fresh-baked croissant with your morning coffee, why not skip the hassle of getting dressed, driving to a coffee shop, and waiting in line to eat what is now a very old and unappealing pastry)? We at Knead & Know have determined that it's much easier to make them yourself, take one out of your freezer and then pop it into to your oven, fresh and ready to be enjoyed anytime. 

Croissant Class teaches the home baker the skills necessary in order to make amazing croissant in the home oven. The Class will focus on preparing the dough, how to incorporate butter into the layers, and how to form the croissant. Students will take home baked croissants as well as dough to finish at home. Discussion will also include different ways to use the dough for savory and sweet recipes.

Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese Milk Bread
 / $175


Aw, the soft white loaf we've all been dreaming of. Where has this recipe been all my life? Evidently in Japan. This method utilizes a technique that "magically" makes the loaf stay as soft as dare I say it "wonderbread".  The loaf we want for PB&J, grilled cheese and seriously the best damn tuna fish sandwich I've ever had. So much gorgeous flavor. 

Class instruction includes a white version as well as a honey wholewheat version. Each student takes home baked a bake loaf, dough to bake the next day as well as 2 loaf pans.  

Seeded Country Loaf

Seeded country loaf class / $165


This is the loaf for folks who want a hearty crusted bread, full of flavor. Toasted in the morning, dripping with honey, this bread will get you through the chilliest of mornings. 

The class will cover all the basics of the other classes; mixing, kneading, scaling, and forming loaves. We will cover baking directly on slate as well as baking in cast iron. Three variations will be included, highly to minimally seeded. Students will leave with baked bread as well as dough to finish at home.


pizza / $175


Your search for how to make a fantastic pizza pie at home has come to an end!

With guest chef Peter (who started the pizza program over at Stonetower Winery in Leesburg) you will go over how to create a great pizza crust with all of the toppings in your oven at home! 

Over the course of the class you will learn about shaping and portioning the dough.
Along with different techniques to shape your individual pizza pies, and a variety of fresh toppings to customize it just how you like it!
You will also take home your freshly baked creations and extra dough to practice honing your skills after.



fundmentals of bread


Holiday Breads

Classes are designed to allow each student hands on experience with weighing ingredients, bringing the dough together, kneading, folding, forming loaves, slashing, and loading. We will cover methods that allow the home baker to start dough and retard it to not only improve flavor but how to fit it into a busy schedule. Students will leave with baked bread, dough/starter, and all necessary tools in order to finish dough at home.



Japanese Milk Bread


"When I got home and took a bite of the babka we baked at your house it was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. I did my 4 Babkas in a loaf pan and they turned out great. They were the hit of the holidays and the last piece was sadly eaten this past weekend." -Diana 

"What a exceptional experience. Not only is Melinda a great teacher and host but she demystifies the making (you know, this whole yeast thing) of bread dough making. Even if one thinks one knows, there is more to know and she will be the one to tell you. I learned a lot!  The setting is simple, no high-tech gadgets. What I really appreciate is that I can make delicious artisan bread without all the newest appliances.  As a 66 year old home cook, cookie and torte maker I can now add baking bread to my list." -Rolf

I attended Bread Making 101 today and it was amazing! We made so many different breads and got to sample our finished product and take home dough to make at home. Melinda made the class fun and productive and completely eliminated my fear of bread making. I can't wait to try it at home... and I don't have to buy any fancy equipment. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who loves bread and wants to learn how to make it themselves! A gift certificate would make a great gift for the person who has everything! I can't wait to sign up for another class! Thank you Melinda!!! -Karen

I cannot thank you enough for the class yesterday-it was one of the best learning experiences of my life! I have been to cooking classes and even had a chef come to the house for a class-but nothing can compare with the experience you offer! Your clear passion for the subject, your organization, preparation, and delightful manner combined to make the afternoon most memorable!! - Murray and Bonnie

seeded country loaf

(formally bread 101)